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We have the best quality composite panels in Australia and the facility to cut them to the size and shape you need.


CNC Cutting – Our in-house equipment and expertise extends to CNC profile cutting of sandwich panels and GRP laminates.

Kitting – In conjunction with our CNC profile cutting, we also offer a complete kitting service. This allows our customers to simply order by assembly code and not worry about what are the best sized panels to use or how to nest the component pieces. Our advanced nesting software ensures the optimal panel usage, reducing material costs for the customer.

CNC Machining

Our large CNC router allows us to handle both wide and long lengths of material. This gives us the capability to cut out patterns from panels into the shapes you provide to us.

Vertical Saw

Our vertical panel saw allows us to cut panels quickly and accurately. This means we can efficiently cut larger boards down into smaller sizes to suit your needs.

Ask us questions about your project and request a quote.

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