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Building a truck?
We have the best quality panels and skins to help you build robust heavy-duty vehicles.

Truck Body Building

What we do for this industry:  Lavender Composites stocks the materials required to manufacture high-quality, durable truck bodies. The panel products we supply are of the highest quality in Australia. Our range encompasses a variety of panel types, including impact-resistant, ultra-lightweight floor panels and high-gloss, smooth, tough sidewall panels. We also can supply glass-reinforced polymer (GRP) skins and cores to manufacture your own panels or to skin a conventional sidewall frame. These materials are complemented by our range of aluminium and plastic extrusions, fasteners and adhesives.

Being aware of the panels’ strengths and limitations helps us to guide our clients towards the right product for the application. Our Sales Manager Doug McDonald has vast experience in the truck building industry and is able to assist in design issues and to optimise the best use of the panels in your application.

Lavender Composites has the ability to supply full truck body kits, encompassing CNC-cut panels packed and ordered in assembly sequence.


Holypan – These composite panels are the lightest structural panels on the market and offer an unrivalled level of impact resistance. Available with an automotive 2K paint finish, Holypan panels are ready to assemble into a finished truck body shell.

PanTec – Also lightweight, these panels provide a smooth gelcoat skin combined with the structural integrity of PP honeycomb cores. PanTec composite panels are widely used for manufacturing body shells, from demanding hire-fleet builds through to one-off horse transport vehicles.

ThermoTec – This composite panel product is widely used to manufacture refrigerated and freezer trucks requiring efficient insulation combined with structural integrity.

PlyTec – This plywood core panel is commonly used for door blades on dry-freight bodies.

Case Study – Alltruck Bodies

Long-term, ongoing supplier relationships are like hen’s teeth. It is rare for a company to maintain such a long-standing commercial arrangement as Alltruck Bodies has with Lavender Composites.

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