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Pantec is a cost-effective panel that offers significant weight reduction for road, rail and marine transport.


PanTec features smooth, high-gloss polyester/E-glass gelcoat skins combined with PP honeycomb core to produce a lightweight structural panel.

The skins are bonded to the core during lamination, providing excellent skin/core adhesion.

PanTec is available in two versions, Standard and XTRALITE. Standard uses 2mm skins for use in demanding and abusive environments, such as truck hire fleets. XTRALITE uses E-glass multiaxial reinforcements in an engineered skin to reduce weight while maintaining high rigidity and strength. XTRALITE is typically used for truck/RV walls and roofs.

The Standard version is stocked in 20mm thickness, and XTRALITE in 30mm. Both come in a range of panel sizes.


  • Lightweight
  • Superior strength
  • Easy to join
  • Easy to assemble
  • Chemical resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will not rust
  • Will not rot
  • Water resistant
  • High-quality cosmetic finish


The panel is used to provide cost-effective and significant weight reduction in sectors such as road, rail and marine transport.

PanTec panel is widely used to manufacture recreational vehicles, such as the walls of caravans and campers. It is used within the construction and building industry to build temporary structures, tiny homes and mining accommodation.

Why choose PanTec?

This composite panel can cost-effectively replace traditional materials like plywood, steel and aluminium in creating box structures without additional framing. PanTec is:

  • an innovative lightweight sandwich panel with wide applications
  • perfect for building the body of a truck, van or caravan because of its robust strength and rigidity.

Stock Availability

Lavender Composite’s Brisbane, Melbourne and NZ facilities stock a comprehensive range of panel thicknesses from 20mm to 30mm and panel sizes up to 9400mm x 2500mm.

For larger projects, customised sizes can be manufactured.

Standard skin finishes are white gelcoat both sides.

Stock List

PanTec Standard


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