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We stock all of the fasteners you need to build your truck or caravan shell.


Lavender Composites supplies a range of quality fasteners including Bulb-Tite aluminium rivets, Panelock bolts, Wing Pias countersunk wing screws and Monolock bushes.

These fasteners are all designed for applications requiring the tensile load to be spread over a large area, such as when fastening plastics, fibreglass and other composite materials.


  • Strong
  • High quality
  • Load spreading
  • Rivets and Panelock bolts fitted with neoprene washers to ensure water-tight seal


Bulb-Tite rivet – For fixing brackets or sections to one skin of a composite panel. During installation, the rivet body folds into three separate legs, creating a large load-bearing area and minimising the possibility of damage to the panel skin material. These rivets are supplied with a neoprene washer under the head to provide a weather-tight seal.

Panelock bolt and nut – Structural bolt for fixing composite panels to aluminium structural extrusions and steel sections. Fitted with neoprene washer to provide a weather-tight seal.

Countersunk wing screw – Used to fix Holypan panels to metallic structures and provide a flush finish on the panel face after installation. Suits 12mm to 30mm panels.

Monolock bush – Used to fix 30mm panel to a structural frame (typically floor). The panel upper skin and core is removed and the bush fills the void providing a flush fixing.

Why choose our fasteners?

Because we have over 20 years’ experience in the composite industry, we have tried and tested all of the fastening solutions the market has to offer. Lavender Composite’s range of fasteners are among the best-quality yet cost-effective fasteners we have found. The design of each product has been optimised for use on composite panels ensuring loads are spread evenly.

Stock Availability

We stock these fasteners at all times.

For large orders, please contact us.

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